It was an exciting first year for Service Portland with so much in store for the rest of the second year. Now that SP is officially a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization I think it's time to give credit to all of the those who helped to shape this organization into what it's become.

I'd like to start out by thanking those who have been part of the SP team. Earlier on, Chamille Harrison was someone who helped bring a lot of motivation to the organization with her can-do attitude. Trevor Hart has been key along the way with building processes for our event planning and implementations. MJ Miller has gone above and beyond her role in Marketing and has helped keep Service Portland connected to the community and maintain great communication within the team. Carlos Nunez has recently rose from an Event Captain and is now focusing on building our team to broaden our impacts in the community even more. Then there's also Summer Li, Lisa Nishimura and Erik Roby. Without these event captains our events wouldn't be the experience that our volunteers have come back for month after month.

I'd also like to give a really big thanks to Change the Triangle. A lot of people ask me where my interest in volunteering started. I tell them about how I attended a young professionals volunteer event shortly after college in North Carolina. I was amazed by the turnout of recent college grads interested in volunteering and felt very welcomed by the event leaders. I believe that Change the Triangle should be a model for success to any new volunteer organization hoping to connect with young professionals. Looking to their organization for inspiration and direction, Change the Triangle gave Service Portland something to aspire to become. Our journey would've been undoubtedly more difficult had it not been for their creative ideas, strong mission and vision and powerful message through websites and social media to build on.

I'm grateful everyday for all the volunteers showing their support, our team and other nonprofits that have helped get us to where we are. Thanks to everyone for pitching in and giving hours and hours of your time to make a big impact in our community. Service Portland has already touched so many people and we have a great start!



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